January 2015

1/1/15-1/7/15: Playing trains, trains and more trains. After Christmas was over Cameron had lots of new toys to pay with and new track to use to create elaborate tracks.


When he wasn’t playing with tracks, he found interesting things to play with including a tulle skirt meant for under a wedding dress. He loved spinning around in it…


1/10/15 (ish): Our little guy got the bug! He was completely lethargic with a fever. All he wanted to do was lay down and cuddle. Unfortunately I had a work meeting I couldn’t cancel, so dad sent me a photo of our little man who wasn’t even able to pick he head up to drink.


As soon as I could get home, I snuggled with him the rest of the day on the couch. He did end up getting sick twice, but luckily we were smart enough to have laid out blankets for easy clean up!

1/13/15: Somehow our little baby grew up! I swear it was just a couple of days, weeks, no I guess months ago he could only reach the second set of shelves…now he’s working on the 4th set! I guess I really need to consider reorganizing…though to be honest he’s pretty good about not touching stuff and really most things aren’t breakable.


1/16/15 to 1/18/15: Potty Training Attempt: Round 2- Day 1: We attempted potty training Cameron shortly after his 2nd birthday. We had started to see signs he was ready, but after spending one day going through the motions we decided that he wasn’t ready (and neither were we). No big deal…but 5 months had passed and we decided to give it a go again. This time we approached it in a more relaxed state probably because we had tried once and this time we tried not to change anything else other than the lack of a diaper.


The method we used included 3 days inside the house with pull-ups only at nap and night. He was able to wear underpants, but initially we just left him bare-bottomed until he had success. Since we have hardwoods throughout the house, we just rolled up the big area rug and moved it out-of-the-way so messes would be easy to clean. We also decided that Cameron would benefit from a reward system (clearly food driven), so we got special yogurt star cookies. When he woke in the morning I opened his drawer to “change” his diaper only to find two wrapped gifts and no diapers. He loves presents, like any kid does, so he was excited to rip into them. Inside was a jar of treats, a jar of homemade gold doubloons, and protective pads for his bed and general use downstairs during training. He was excited to also find that he had chocolate milk in the fridge.

The key during the training was to encourage liquids so that he would need to go potty fairly frequently. He had about 2 accidents before he began to feel the sensation and make it to the potty in time. We kept a potty upstairs and one right next to his play area for easy access. We also had plenty of towels and rags on hand for easy cleanups as needed. For a pee he got one treat and for a poop he got two, plus a gold doubloon. He caught on quick to the rewards and it definitely was helpful for him. The doubloons also allowed us to see how much success he was having during the day and at the end of the weekend…so it’s like a counting system for mom.

By the end of Sunday, we felt like the training had been a really big success for Cameron though we were still a bit apprehensive about how he would do at daycare. We packed plenty of extra outfits in preparation to send him off with hopes of success at daycare.

1/16/15-1/20/15: Cameron was still successful at home with potty training, but struggled while at school. At first it was likely because of the new surroundings, but his teachers Ms. Jordan and Ms. Siobahn did not give up on him. They took him to the bathroom frequently and tried to help encourage him. He had one success that first week at school and a few accidents. Since he didn’t give up and request a diaper we all just kept working with him, and he actually was able to learn to hold it in too.

At home he spent most of his time running around naked or in his adorable underpants…someday he’ll be embarrassed by the photos I have taken- but there is nothing cuter especially after spending nearly 2.5 years changing diapers!

1/21/15: Happy Birthday Daddy! We got daddy a little something to record all his brewing recipes, and I allowed Cameron to decorate the wrapping before daddy got up in the morning. He was definitely excited for his new brewing book along with the cool Growler/Keg I got him that won’t actually be arriving until sometime this coming summer since it was purchase as part of a Kickstarter campaign.


1/23/15: Cameron loves trains! You knew that already though…and recently he’s been working on seeing how many cars he can attach together at one time and still have them stay together while he rolls them around. New record of 13! I think he’s enjoying have no rug on the floor during potty training…

1/30/15: Surprise! So for daddy’s birthday I wanted to do something special for him, so I planned a big dinner for our friends to come celebrate with us. Matt had no clue about the dinner or the 10 guests invited. I did lots of research and sneaking around leading up to the party because I wanted it to be super special. I planned a dinner menu that paired a different craft beer with each course including planning table settings to coordinate everything (I think I am a party planner in my dreams). However on the Wednesday before the party I slipped going down the stairs (carrying Cameron as well), and I bruised up my ankle. That night I had to decide if I was cancelling or if I could still pull it off, and in the end I decided I wanted to make it work and just told Matt that I might need a little help though I didn’t tell him what was going on. He actually got it in his head that my dad was coming for the weekend to visit- and I have no clue why he thought that but it worked because he had no clue.

In the two weeks leading up to the party, I began buying the items needed for the party including purchasing the various beers, then hiding them in random places hoping he didn’t start “cleaning” or “organizing”. I also had to buy lots of the food and hide that in plain side in the fridge pretending it was for some future dinner.

Luckily he didn’t appear too suspicious until the afternoon of the party when I hung a sheet across the dining room/kitchen entrance and said he couldn’t cross. By mid-afternoon he was definitely curious as he smelled the brownies that Cameron and I were making…it is definitely hard to surprise someone who works at home!


I took a half-day from work so I could get everything prepared and ready including a beautiful table scape. Matt picked up flowers for me at the store when I had him run an errand for me…since he knew something was up and flowers were probably a good idea!

Our number of guests ended up being 10 total after a few people had some illnesses and had to cancel, but it ended up being a manageable number. Each person had a water/tasting glass, cloth napkin, wooden utensils, and a menu card. At the start of each course I placed the paired beer on the able for people to share along with the necessary bottle openers, then I brought out the course with the help of a few friends in disposable paper trays so clean up between each course was quick and easy. Sadly I did not take pictures after the fun started. We all enjoyed the food and beer taking breaks between course to chat or take care of the kiddos since our gathering tend to be family-friendly…we had three little guys enjoying themselves too.


The night was great and Matt was definitely surprised with the amount of planning and execution that went into the day, and I honestly was more than happy with how everything turned out. Can’t wait until we can do it again!

1/31/15: I bet you’d think that morning after an awesome party and consuming beer that we’d be sleeping in as late as Cameron would allow and lounging around most of the day- nope! Sometimes we get crazy ideas and venture out into the freezing tundra…for a pop-up shop (Butter Block)! This basically translates to the most amazing croissants that were being paired with a local food truck (Whole Hog) for breakfast sandwiches. Since the temperatures were super cold eating outside at the food truck was out, so we just got the food and headed back to the warmth of our home!


OMG! These were the most delicious breakfast sandwiches…it’s a good thing that they are not regularly available.

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December 2014

Christmas Time!

Since we are in the holiday season, it is time to get a tree up. We went out into the fields and selected a perfect Christmas tree with Cameron. We even cut it down ourselves. I know we even took pictures, but sadly I don’t seem to have them available for posting. Once we got the tree home, we put Cameron down for his nap and then got everything decorated for when he woke up. His favorite part was obviously the Polar Express Train that ran under the tree.  Daddy showed him how to operate it with the remote:


Then he was able to just enjoy it himself, though he didn’t always stay to the side- often he was taking the train off the track to play to attempt to play on the floor with them.


Another first this year was the Advent calendar, obviously being filled with little chocolates make it a fun tradition. We tried to remember it each night, but often forgot because we had to keep it out-of-the-way to avoid Cameron getting too far ahead.


Polar Express

If you came over to our house any time in December, you could almost guarantee that Polar Express would be playing on the computer screen or the television screen. Cameron often also requested that he be able to have the Polar Express train on the desk when he watched.


Zoo in the Cold

Having a zoo membership allows us to go, even when we don’t think we will be staying long. This time it was a daddy and Cameron visit…



With the holidays comes holiday parties, so this night we watch baby Alex while his parents were out. Cameron was really good about him playing with the trains, or maybe I should say taking apart the tracks.


He was rewarded with cupcakes from Alex’s mom for helping out…not a bad night.

IMG_3532 (1)

“Polar Express” Ride

We had considered getting the overpriced tickets to ride on the Polar Express at our local railroad depot, but decided in the end Cameron wasn’t ready for the event yet. So one night to get out of the house we headed downtown and took the above ground subway train to a restaurant. Upon getting seated Cameron exclaimed, ” Wow the Polar Express!”. He was also very excited when the driver, or should I say engineer, announced the next station. It was wonderful to see such a simple mode of transportation created such excitement for him. We had dinner at the local restaurant, then took the rain back to the car.


We capped off the night with hot chocolate from a local coffee shop to make it the full Polar Express experience.


Christmas Cookie Taster

Holidays in the Reis house mean baking! If you’re lucky enough to receive one of cookie packages…you’re still not as lucky as this little boy who gets to taste it all fresh out of the oven!


Painting Night

Paint nights have become all the rage in all the cities, so I signed up for one with some of my coworkers. Our chosen painting for the evening was a buffalo, which I figured we could hang year round. I must say that during the 2 hour paint process I wasn’t sure it was going to turn out or look like a buffalo, but in the end I thought it came out pretty good. I also found it very interesting to see the many variations in the class of the same painting…everyone had slightly different shapes and different colors.


Annual Christmas Party

Once again we hosted our annual Christmas Party with all our friends and their families. It was a great event with 3 flavors of meatballs, dips, cheese, crackers, veggies, and some other items on the spread. We did include a hot chocolate bar with the option to spike your hot chocolate or to use a chart we provided to create various flavor creations. The cutest appetizer of the night was from our friends Diana and Aaron- a penguin cheese ball!


Winter Craft

At school Cameron created this winter craft and his teachers added in a photo of each child. I snapped a photo one day because it was just so cute, and I’m pretty sure Cameron was the only one that got an almost proportional photo…the others had shrunken heads. We snag the photo off the wall one day to send it off to Great Grandma Langton….she may still be enjoying the photo at her house.


Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we traveled down the thruway to visit Matt’s family for the holiday. We ran into traffic along the way after getting a late start, so we arrived just in time to drop Cameron off with Grandma Langton and head to church. Grandma and Grandpa Reis were at church when we arrived. After church we headed out for dinner and met up with some other family, which was very tasty!


We picked up Cameron after dinner, and headed back so he could see Grandma and Grandpa Reis before bed. He even got to open up his stocking and a few gifts from them before bedtime, though clearing convincing him to stop playing and go to sleep wasn’t the easiest task.


He did get adorable pajamas to wear to bed though, once I finally got him up there. I think I had to agree to allow him to  bring half the toys to bed with him. With in minutes of his head hitting the pillow he was asleep!


Christmas Day

On Christmas morning we woke up to breakfast and more presents! We got Cameron a few small things, but for the most part we don’t get him much since he already has more than any boy can ask for. We did take a little time in the morning to take about baby Jesus and his birth…though he is a bit young to fully grasp it.


We spent the remainder of the day celebrating with family and friends that we hadn’t seen in a long while. Cameron got to hang out with Uncle Michael and Grandma Langton too! (sorry not many pictures were taken with all the people around)

Retirement Party

After  Christmas celebrations, we headed down the thruway once again to celebrate Christmas with my family and also a surprise Retirement Party for my stepfather. He retired while in South Carolina so my mom arranged a small party to have an official celebration….I created the cake and cupcakes for the event.


Bathing in a Bucket

While visiting my family Cameron was in serious need of a bath after playing with his cousins all day, so we had to improvise. My aunt did not have a tub, so we grabbed a large bucket and filled it with bubbles. Cameron absolutely loved it! He thought it was a great way to take a bath.


Happy New Year

We rang in the New Year at home this year. We had a nice dinner and a signature drinks- Moscow Mules! It was a nice simple night at home- and I honestly don’t remember if we (or should I say I) even made it to midnight.

Cameron will be rocking into the New Year for sure…


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November 2014

True Love

You know that Cameron loves his trains, which is only made more evident when he’s sitting on the couch where his Thomas pajamas, holding his Thomas train, and watching Thomas on TV. Not sure he’ll be growing out of this fascination for a while.


Brewery Tour

We purchased a Groupon with our friends for a brewery tour and dinner, so of course we both brought our little boys along for the adventure. The tour went well and the kids were really good, occasionally one of us would hang back with the boys to ensure we weren’t bothering others on the tour. Below is a cute picture our friends captured during dinner.


Election Night

When an Election Day rolls around, we sometimes have no choice but than to go with Cameron. This time we all went in together and since our polling place is a local school we even spent some time playing afterward on the little playground in the dark. It’s good for him to see people voting, though I know he had no clue what was going on.


(716) Restaurant and Bar Reveal

One of Matt recent projects was completed, and as part of their soft opening for Matt and his guests were invited to have tasting meal at the restaurant. This allowed us to see the place in action, and the employees to get active training in preparation for the general public opening. We invited Aunt Sabrina along with us since she has helped us out through the transition. We all enjoyed being able to check out the place including:

Large viewing screen mainly for sporting events:


Milk and Cookies Dessert:


Bar tops that look like hockey arena ice:


Back of the house operations designed by Matt:


Beer/Tap room designed by Matt:


Baby Shower Time

No you didn’t miss anything; we still only have one Cameron. My best friend Katie was expecting a little girl, so I threw her a small shower for her girlfriend to celebrate the upcoming arrival. Her mom had a separate, larger shower for family- so I kept this one intimate and fun!

Dessert Spread:


Adorable and delicious almond cupcakes:


Hot Chocolate Bar with many toppings:


(Chalkboard design by Matt)

Alphabet Coloring:


We each colored various letters to be placed in a book for the baby while we chatted and Katie opened gifts. It was a great way to spend the day and everyone when home with a box of desserts since we can’t eat them all at one time….some did try!

Tricycle “Riding”

Cameron and I vented out to Delaware Park to take a bike right since the weather was unseasonably warm. He doesn’t actually pedal at this point so I pull him, he walks it along with his feet, or I stand on the back and push with my foot. After a while he tired of the tricycle, so I ended up carrying it while also chasing a toddler- fun times!


Running the Bases

While at the park I managed to corral him onto the baseball diamond for a little base running- allowing me to set the bike down and let him do some running.


Soup and Sandwich

Do you know the best way to eat tomato soup and grilled cheese? If you answered, dunking the sandwich into the soup, then you are correct. Cameron picked up this technique early on, and even though it is a bit messy it is the best way.


Sleeping on the Job

Cameron must have been a really exhausting day, and managed to fall asleep at the dinner table.


R32 Toy Car       

One of Cameron’s new favorite toys is a replica of Daddy’s car…in blue. It does get easily lost since it is just a matchbox sized car, but he does love it. Much like he loved the larger version that he played with through August 2014 until it finally just go too worn out, so we put it aside since it was actually our ring holder from our wedding. You can barely see the car in the photos, but you can tell how focused on it he is.


Playtime with Mason

Thankfully we have close friends with little ones too, and we all try to help each other out and babysit for each other. It is a little play date, so it actually ends up working out really well for all of us. Tonight Mason came over to play and the boys had a lot of fun together.


Nacho Making

We have started to include Cameron in the dinner preparation whenever possible. He has his stool that he climbs on to help, and this night he got to help assemble the nachos. Sprinkling cheese is a lot of fun for a toddler.


Mommy’s Heels

I rarely wear heels anymore. I seem to have stopped after I got pregnant and flat shoes just work better for daily chasing of a toddler! One day Cameron found a pair that he liked in my closet and he tried them on…even was brave enough to attempt to walk downstairs!


(Don’t worry, we stopped him.)

Then when I put them on, he laid on the floor to look at them. Mostly I’m thinking he just liked seeing his reflection in them.

Thanksgiving Celebration

This year we decided not to travel for the holidays. We spent the afternoon and evening with our friends- Aaron, Diana, and baby Alex. Cameron loves playing with baby Alex- especially loves his toys. They are about 1.5 years apart, but still play really well together and I’m sure that in the years to come they will be best buddies.

(sorry no photo of this event…)

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October 2014


One day while waiting at the Pancake House for our name to be called for breakfast, I snapped this picture with Cameron. He was looking adorable and sporting Grandpa Reis’ hat.


Trains = Serious Business

When Cameron is playing with his trains is always fun, and sometimes it is serious business that requires laying right now on the floor to really become one with the trains.


Swim Lessons

Mommy (or Daddy) and Me swim classes have begun. We wanted to make sure Cameron got a chance to get comfortable around water and pools since we don’t actually have one. I was a water baby, so it’s important that he knows how to swim and this is a good start. He loves swimming night and would prefer if it could be every night.


Garden…still growing

You’d think that  by October the garden should be done, but that is not the case in our back yard this year. We are still getting plenty of crops!


On a mild afternoon we decided to venture out to the zoo to take advantage of our membership- which always includes a ride on the carousel. Luckily daddy was the chosen passengar this ride because it makes mommy very dizzy!


Halloween Preparations

In the weeks before Halloween we decided to go big with a costume this year, which really will be the first Halloween that we put real effort into the costume. Of course we went for Cameron’s favortie- Thomas the Train!


Using Dad’s artistic talents and access to a plotter- we were able to really go big! Cameron wanted to be there to supervise each move. He also was need to ensure the scale was correct.


End results were nothing, but awesome! I’m only responsible for securing the overalls and train hat, but it all Cam together so well.


Thomas Back Ups

Some kids are attached to a specific blanket or stuffed animal, but Cameron was pretty attached to Thomas. We could occasionally distract him if he was looking for it when it couldn’t be found, but then we really lost it. We searched high and low with no results…so I went to get a new one. Then I picked up a few, just in case…plus Christmas is right around the corner so these will only be used if needed.


As luck would have it, within hours of giving him the new Thomas I found the lost one in magazine holder on a high shelf…I’m guessing Thomas went airborne and never came down.

Elaborate Tracks

When Cameron naps or sleeps sometimes elaborate train tracks are created…and he’s always so excited when he sees them. Sometimes he will take them apart as a way to convince one of us that we need to come ‘fix’ it.


Charlie Brown

Cameron is definitely at the stage where he has begun to associate like objects to each other. In this case during Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin Patch Show (is that the title?) he rushed over to his stuffed toys to grab Charlie out to introduce him to the television version of Charlie. “see that’s you..”


Sleeping Soundly

Since I’m writting this nearly a year after the occurence, I have no clue why I took the picture of Cameron sleeping. Could it be he was fighting a nap? Yes. Could it be he had a restless night before and we were glad he was sleeping? Yes. Do we just love taking pictures of him? Yes.


Thomas the Train Rides

This year we took Cameron to the Farmer’s Market for a trial run of the costume. We also took Cameron down to Halloween on Hertel for trick-or-treating at the local shops. He and his costume were big hits wherever he went. On Halloween it was rainy so we just went out briefly at a friend’s house with all the kiddos.


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September 2014

Toys Toys Toys…Clean Up

We have tons of toys, or should I say that Cameron has tons of toys. So while he naps we try to pick up, and this day I really put some effort in as you can see.


And then he wakes…


Then once he’s played the only clear space left is the top of the work bench…I guess that means I’m cleaning again when he sleeps.


New Born Video

When Cameron was first born we created a video to share those first moments, and now he finally was able to grasp that he was seeing himself as a tiny baby. Actually he fully believes that he is no longer a baby.

IMG_3114Still My Baby

No matter how big he gets, I can at least still get him to cuddle with me like a baby. I’m thinking this isn’t going to last forever.


Picking Tomatoes

The garden is growing still so more tomatoes we must pick. This batch is destined for Tomato Bacon Jam…it’s delicious! Cameron loves it too.


Hot and Cold

On a stroll around the neighborhood in hot weather, we cooled off with some ice from the local ice arena pile. Cameron thought it was fun, though I’m thinking I’m the one needing to cool off after pushing him around the neighborhood.


Out like a Light

After all the adventure with mom, all you need to do it give him a snack and he will pass out. He rarely falls asleep in random spots, especially sitting up on the couch.


Future Niagara Alumni?

Cameron sporting a sweatshirt from mom’s college. It’s actually one that was bought way back in 2005ish for my little brother, Jay, but obviously he has long since outgrown it. Now Cameron can wear it around. Mom’s sunglasses worn upside down also add a special flare.


No Walk, Must Lay Down

On walk around the neighborhood, sometime we get adventurous and try to go without the stroller. Not the best idea…little legs give up easy especially when he wants to just stay at the playground….lucky for him he’s just so darn cute and he knows it.

IMG_3148Curly Hair Problems

So when you have curly hair, sometimes you get knots. When you twirl your care as a calm thing in the evenings or before nap…you end up with some good sized knots. The only choice in this case was cut untangle as much as possible- then cut.


Joe’s Deli

One of our favorite spot for a sandwich is Joe’s Deli on Hertel. My in-laws actually brought me a sandwich in the hospital because though the hospital food wasn’t horrible- Joe’s Deli sounded so much more appealing. We went here after Cameron’s first doctors visit too and many times since- this was he first time actually getting his own 1/2 sandwich order. Loved it!


Annual Apple Picking

No sleep time for this little guy who fell asleep on the way to the fields, stayed asleep getting out of the car, stayed asleep on the wagon ride, and only woke up once we were finally at the fields.

IMG_3158Apple eating…

IMG_3161Ladder climbing…


Wagon ride back with daddy…



At the end of long month full of activity, no better way to end it than with a cheers! Cheese, crackers, and bacon jam for all!


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August 2014

8/1/14: Trips to visit the ENT doctor to get his tubes checked out, are surprisingly one of Cameron’s favorites. It is not because he likes getting his ears check, but he does love to play with bead maze toy that is in the waiting room with beads that are shaped like trains. He plays with it when he arrives and again before we can leave the office.


8/2/14: It’s finally time to put the finishing touches on our porch! Our goal was to have it done by Cameron’s birthday, and it looks like we will be able to meet that deadline. We decided to do basic indoor/outdoor carpeting on the floor, and we went to Home Depot to get the supplies and Cameron was our helper.


Matt also decided to squeeze another project into the end of the day that involved removing the top of keg to create a large kettle for brewing his beer.


8/3/14: Before nap time, I cleaned off the porch floor in preparation for laying down the rug. We also took a moment to trace our hands on the floor as a fun memento for the future own to find.


Then while Cameron took his nap, mom and dad had two hours to get the carpet cut and installed. Success!


After nap we were working on other little tasks and playing in the back yard when Cameron cut his big toe. I can’t remember exactly what he cut his toe on, but he was a good patient. He allowed us to clean it up, put gauze on, and sit with it elevated for a little bit. It was a good chance for him to take a rest break anyways…


8/5/14: It’s not often that you have a Tuesday evening meal catered by a chef, but on this occasion one of Matt’s business connections offered to come to our house in the evening and make us dinner while also talking a little business. He brought most of the food and used a few fresh ingredients from our garden too, and then paired each course with a beer. It was a fun and super tasty night! (Main Course: Steaks, purple potatoes,and zucchini)


8/6/14: Now that the porch is now basically finish we put an extra twin mattress out there and a chair for lounging. Cameron loves the bed and it is a great place to read the books we pick up at the library!


8/7/14: Let the birthday celebrating begin! Cameron is turning two over the weekend so he celebrated early with his school friends. He went to school wearing his rocket birthday shirt I created for him since Little Einsteins was his favorite show this year. He’s so happy!


I also sent supplies with him to school to celebrate with his friends. We cannot make food for school due to potential allergies, but I talked to his teachers and they said they’d be happy to make cupcakes part of the lesson plan if I brought the supplies. Each of the kids had a the chance to stir and scoop…


Then with the icing that I provided in pastry bags, the kids had a fun chance to decorate their own cupcakes including sprinkles- because kids love sprinkles.


Then after all that work they obviously got to eat their creations…


After school we picked Cameron up with the stroller and walked down to our weekly farmer’s market to pick up a few items. As a treat Cameron got a berry smoothie, which caused him to plop down in the middle of the parking lot and drink it. This photo ended up on the Facebook page for the market later in the week…


8/8/14: Tonight we went over to play in the kiddie pool with our friends’ son Mason, and found out that he owns one of the Little Einstein toys! Cameron doesn’t have any toys from the Little Einsteins because they don’t sell them anymore- and the one I found on ebay was over $600- so no. He can just play with Mason’s when we visit.


8/9/14- HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!!

Our bundles of joy...

Our bundles of joy…

I can’t believe two years have flown by, but at the same time we’ve done so many things in the last two years it seems like longer. Cameron has grown so much and developed his personality in the last year that we can’t wait to see what is to come as he learns more in the coming year.


He mastered opening birthday cards first thing in the morning…


The afternoon was spent exploring the zoo from the high view of dad’s shoulders…


A ride in the front of the train with dad…


Exploring the Rainforest with mom…


Carousel ride with dad…


Chilling with Grandpa after his nap…


Mommy made a train cake to enjoy after grilling up some dinner for Emily, Jon, and Grandma and Grandpa Reis that came to enjoy a simple birthday celebration.


After dinner Cameron loved that everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to him…he just loved the whole experience along with eating a whole piece of chocolate on chocolate cake.


We used Google to talk with family that want to see Cameron on his 2nd birthday…


Lastly Cameron got to rip into a few presents to round out a great day of celebrating turning 2…


8/12/14: At my office I have a digital frame that includes photos of Cameron at various stages…how is someone expected to work when such cuteness is around?


8/13/14: Chopsticks. No easy task. Cameron thought he’d try to copy dad today at dinner, but after every little luck getting any noodles in his mouth just went with his hands because obviously he knows that will ensure noodles make it into his mouth.


8/14/14: Cameron was pretty much in love with his Cars sleeping bag that he got for his birthday from Aunt Brina (his pronunciation of Sabrina). He tested it out on the floor, but also enjoyed using it on the couch or even just climbing all the way inside and being swung around like a kettle bell.


8/18/14: Today after school we picked up Cameron and headed up to Chestnut Ridge Park to do our annual photography shoot. While getting professional pictures is a financial investment, it is definitely the best way to catch all the changes we experience as a family. Becca has been photographing us since I was pregnant, and each time it is great documentation of our family. This photo was taken by me when we first arrived…


Becca is able to capture the many expressions Cameron makes- despite that he is constantly in motion.


At the end of the photo session, Cameron was passed out in his car seat. Clearly being photographed for an hour or so is a lot of work!


8/20/14: Every two year old needs his annual check up, and today was the day for Cameron.  At the doctor’s office he was measured at 36.5″ tall (93rd percentile) and    34.25 lbs (96 percentile). Cameron is progressing and growing well with no concerns. He did get a routine vaccination, but only shed a tear or two with daddy there to comfort him.


8/22/14: Potty Training 101, or maybe it should just be called the first attempt. “They” say that the optimal time to potty train is somewhere between 18 months (1.5yr) and 30 months (2.5yr) because kids that age generally want to please you and aren’t yet testing their boundaries with rules. After deciding to go with the 3-day potty training method we learned about during a class, we decided to give it a shot.

Cameron had started to show some interest in the potty, we have 3 kid potties, and he has the necessary Thomas underpants. I had taken Friday off of work to give us three full days, planned simple to prepare meals and stocked the fridge with plenty of chocolate milk. I had also set up an area upstairs near the bathroom to keep Cameron entertained, while also near the potty. We had our meals on fun lunch trays, colored, played trains, and drank lots of chocolate milk to ensure that he’d actually got lots of practice.


But as you might have guessed already, he wasn’t ready. We had one or two successes, but mostly we just created lots of laundry with lots of floor cleaning. We had originally thought that we’d keep with the plan, but the next day when Cameron woke up it was clear that he just wasn’t ready for the potty. So we put back on his diaper and got back to normal life. We knew that if it didn’t work that diapers were what we’d go back to since pull-ups can cause confusion and they cost much more than diapers! We will try again…but for now we will just enjoy life.

8/23/14: Since potty training was put on the back burner until sometime in the future, we got to get outside today and enjoy the beautiful weather. Cameron loves checking out our ever growing garden that is in full bloom and is used almost daily for some component of dinner.


8/26/14: If the weather is nice after school, then it almost always means a walk and the occasional bonus stop to play at the park.


Cameron loves playing on the playground at the school near the house because it has both easy and challenging parts, and mom loves it because it is fenced in so he can’t unexpectedly run into the street.


8/30/14: We saw daddy off at the airport for his trip to Germany, so that means it is Cameron and mommy adventures for a week. I made arrangements ahead of time to be able to adjust my work schedule so that I could handle drop-off easily, and then I just tried to keep things simple with  a few fun activities. Like harvesting tomatoes from the garden to make bacon tomato jam. We start with empty bowls…


Ending with bowls overflowing with tomatoes, which is definitely something we miss in the winter- especially once the bacon tomato jam is all gone.


8/31/14: Since we spent Saturday doing work in the garden and the kitchen, Sunday was spent at the zoo. Cameron and I walked over to the zoo after breakfast to check out all the sights like the baby gorilla…


Lounging lions…


Rhino mommy and baby…


Riding the carousel…


Ending with a trip across the street to enjoy cupcakes together, which Cameron definitely enjoyed. There was cake everywhere…


After a walk back home we were both tired, but Cameron took a nap so that he was able to make it through the movie night we had complete with popcorn!


When daddy is away we do try to keep busy, but Cameron definitely knew that he was gone. We did try to talk to him on the phone or FaceTime when possible, but due to the time difference it wasn’t always easy.

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July 2014

7/1/14: Cameron has been trying so hard to figure out how to climb the rock wall like area on the play set in our backyard, and on this day he mastered it! We tend to let him explore on his own with independence, and while I was across the yard I watched him climb to the top. So proud!


7/4/14: Happy 4th of July! Sadly we were not able to make a trip out to Maine with year, but we tried to do little activities around town instead. While daddy was working on some house projects, Cameron and I went to a picnic at a work friend’s house to get some swimming time in. Cameron definitely loves the water and even got to do a little paddle boarding.

IMG_2726Then after we picked daddy up, we stopped at Toys R Us to look for bike tubes to fix the bike trailer but sadly they only sell the bikes not the supplies to repair them. While we were browsing the aisles Cameron picked out a car…Audi R8 Spyder….we are starting him early on knowing quality.

IMG_2720 Later we enjoyed a backyard BBQ at Aunt Sabrina’s including a bonfire and of course some s’mores!

IMG_27327/6/14: Cameron and I stopped into Old Navy to check up some shoes for him, but he was not into the ones I was picking out. He found a pair of pink plaid slides that he really liked. Obviously we did not buy these, but I didn’t see the harm in letting him try them on.

IMG_2735 After we got home mommy spent the afternoon organizing the basement to help Matt out since he couldn’t decide where to begin organizing. Type A wife to the rescue! I pulled everything out, sorted it by type, then began giving everything a home. Matt really appreciated being able to find things more quickly and found it much easier to make little tweaks to the location of some items. Since we don’t have a garage our basement houses many items from tools, construction supplies, car repair tools, 4 sets of tires, ski gear, brewing items, wine making items, a laundry area, Cameron gear, and just general seasonal storage. We’ve definitely made it more efficient over the years…

IMG_2736At the end of the day all that was left was bath time…and bubbly hair dos.

IMG_27467/7/14: When we went to Germany in 2011 we picked up a VW car matching game when we were in Wolfsburg, so since Cameron has taken an interest in identifying ‘daddy car’ whenever we see the VW symbol I decided to put together a book of the pictures using slide pages.

IMG_27557/9/14: Cameron loves to sit at his ‘work’ and watch his learning DVDs. We recently started showing him these, and he seems to enjoy watching along with repeating the words they are teaching. “EARS”


Later in the evening we left Cameron with a babysitter and headed downtown for the rescheduled Justin Timberlake concert with Aunt Sabrina and her friend.

IMG_2763While we don’t typically go out on a weeknight, it was a fun night with really good seats!


7/10/14: As our 3-season room progress moves on it has become time to get some painting done, which is a mommy job. We are painting the paneling white, the interior house shingle wall a shade of blue/gray, and the window sills brown. We also need to do some massive cleaning of the louvered windows- which is lots of work! Now to do it with a toddler on my heels…


Cameron spent most of the time while I was painting either outside or playing cars on the very dirty porch floor, so that means its time for a bubble bath. This time we filled it up high for swimming and floating fun.

IMG_27907/12/14: It’s Taste of Buffalo time again! Daddy had to do work, while mommy and Cameron could explore. We swam in the hotel pool and took walks, but Cameron definitely enjoyed riding the golf cart as we roamed the streets doing last minute items too.

IMG_2792Later in the day Cameron went home with Aunt Sabrina to spend some time with her so mommy and daddy could enjoy a free night.

7/13/14: It’s a good thing that Cameron wasn’t downtown for the Taste on this Sunday because it rained, a lot! We were safely under a large tent, but then Matt needed to venture out to check on different tents and such for leaks and issues with wind blowing things over. Time for the improvised rain coats…


7/14/14: Since dad had a late night doing to clean up from the Taste, it was a mommy and Cameron morning. We enjoyed some time snuggling in bed before we had to get into the daily grind of a Monday!

IMG_28167/15/14: Cameron has a real love for his reflection! I’m so glad that we hung a mirror over his changing table because it really has become a ritual to always stand him up at the end of changing to see himself. At this point he thinks his reflection is another person…he even gives his other self waves and kisses- so cute!

IMG_28207/16/14: It is very rare for Cameron to fall asleep in any place other than his crib or car seat these days, but he must have had an active morning because today he passed right out on the couch.


7/17/14: Cameron learns things at school that we don’t even realize until he does it at home. For example, he grabbed my cup of water and went to drink. At first I was going to help him, but then I realized that he actually appeared to have it under control. He is getting so big and independent!

IMG_2825We also attended story time at church, which included ice cream sundaes for the kiddos.

IMG_2828Then we came home and took a bath to get all the sticky ice cream off Cameron. He also got to try on his Thomas underpants that we recently picked up to prepare for an upcoming potty training attempt. (More to come on that in August.)


7/18/14: We headed into Syracuse to see the cousins for a picnic at Aunt Erin’s house while Grandma and Grandpa Fillmore were in town. We needed a few things at the grocery store, and Cameron got to ride in the big cart since Brionna was with us. They also managed to dress in unplanned, matching pink that day too.

IMG_2833Cameron also had toy overload in their playroom that has more toys then Cameron will have because our space is limited.


Then at the end of the day went stopped by Great Grandma Smith’s house to visit with her before heading further down the Thruway to spend the rest of the weekend in Lake George with the Langton side of the family. He loves that she had puzzles to play with and also loves the wafer cookies that were readily available!

IMG_28407/19/14: It’s time for the beach! Cameron loved playing with Grace, Sunny and Rachel while we were able to visit for the weekend.

IMG_2849By the end of the day he passed right out after all the playing…

IMG_28567/20/14: Then next morning some of the kids were up early, while a few slept in. Though as soon as everyone was fed and the coffee was flowing- it was time for more fun at beach including wading into the water with Grandma Langton and attempting a row boat ride. The ride seemed like it might be a success, but Cameron didn’t make it passed the end of the dock before we had to go get him.

IMG_2858So instead of going on the rowing trip, Cameron and daddy did some digging on the beach.

IMG_2861Mommy and Daddy even managed to slip away for a lunch date while Cameron played with Grandma and took a nap. We walked into the village of Lake George and enjoyed lunch at the brewery. We enjoyed a bonfire later in the evening before settling into bed for the night with a sugar rush…

7/21/14: The following morning we had to head back to reality and Buffalo. It was a long car ride back….with a short nap taken along the way.

IMG_2864Cameron was happy to be back with his trains…


7/22/14: Daddy’s favorite movie, Dumb and Dumber, was playing on the lawn at Canalside. We brought our chairs, a blanket, and snacks to enjoy a beautiful night. We didn’t end up staying through the whole movie, but that’s what is good about going to a movie you’ve seen before.


7/23/14: Cameron’s first experience checking out a toy catalog…and he got stuck on the page with trains.


7/26/14: Girl’s Night Out! Aunt Sabrina put together a beautiful girls’s night at her house with drinks, appetizers, and desserts under the lights on her patio…beautiful night!


7/27/14: Cameron’s favorite toy currently is “Daddy’s Car”. It is actually the car my little brother, Jacob, carried down the aisle at our wedding with our wedding bands inside. It’s sat on the shelf since then until Cameron saw it and fell in love with it. Hours have been spent rolling it around..inside and outside.


It even goes to bed with him…IMG_2900

He’s changed so much since the first time he held this car around 1 week old, and while I wouldn’t change a thing about the little boys he’s growing up to be- I wouldn’t mind cuddling with my sleepy newborn again for just a few minutes.


7/29/14: In celebration of mommy’s birthday we headed down to Food Truck Tuesday at Larkinville, but determined it to be a bit too  crowded to be enjoyable. So after sharing some fries and a sandwich, we decided to go elsewhere for dessert. Froyo time!


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