Easter 2014

This year we spent Easter in Buffalo because we were celebrating Aunt Sabrina’s welcoming into the Catholic Church. Grandma and Grandpa Reis came up to spend the holiday with us and help watch Cameron during the Vigil.

We began Saturday with brunch at our house. Cameron got his Easter basket from Aunt Sabrina that included a coloring book and snacks that came in handy for mommy to grab when we were running out the door to handle business stuff at the end of April.

Grandma Reis put her shopping skills to use to get Cam outfitted for the summer and our upcoming beach vacation. He is going to be one well dressed kid! Grandma and Grandpa also got Cameron the loudest lawn mower that even has a working pull cord. It was so loud they hid it from him at one point.

Saturday evening they watched Cam while we went to the Easter Vigil to celebrate Aunt Sabrina’s sacraments with her.


It was a beautiful ceremony including her baptism, confirmation, and communion. Since it took about 2 hours, we were glad to have Cam at home and not squirming in the pews…


Mommy and daddy even squeezed in a mini-date at a local wine bar after the Vigil since we knew Cam was fast asleep at home.

The next morning we enjoyed brunch at Grandpa’s favorite spot- The Pancake House! Cameron once again showed off with the impressive amount of food he could consume in one sitting. Shortbread cookies and strawberries from dad’s plate, one egg, one sausage, two pancakes, and apples from mom’s plate…


Obviously after all that food we need to get moving…


We headed to the local park to run around…


Cross bridges…


Slide down slides…


Cameron absolutely loves all things about the playground including the swings, teeter-totter, and just running free.

When Grandma and Grandpa had to get one the road, Cameron was quite done so we continued to explore the area.

We found a restored train car…


Old Luggage and wagons – perfect for a photo…


A baseball diamond to run around…


Muddy construction equipment to stand on…


By the end of our playground adventures he was exhausted and passed out in the car quickly.


The rest of the day was spent doing things around the house and doing a little yard work…


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April 2014

Father and Son
These two are like reflections in a mirror that shows the future. They have the same little idiosyncrasies. One being rubbing their hands through their hair…and on this day watching TV while relaxing.


Sledding in the Mud
The snow finally melted! Leaving us with a very wet and muddy backyard. That is not going to stop Cam, as he is constantly asking for his boots so he go outside. We spent one warm afternoon enjoying the weather and exploring what winter left behind. Including take a few brief rides in the sled and also learning to pull the sled.


Slide Expert
Cameron spent most of last summer climbing up the slide, then down on his belly. This year however he has mastered the stair climbing and sliding. After a few passes down he even has perfected his dismount which involves flipping on to his belly halfway down so he can get his feet on the ground quickly and takeoff again! Since the backyard is wet, we have been taking walks to a school playground so he can release his energy.


Chilling with Drinks
I believe on this day Cam wasn’t feeling well. Hand-Foot-Mouth went around his daycare, and he got it. So, he hung out with me, and I just tried my best to keep him happy and get him back to healthy.


So Big!
Daddy loves his seltzer, and I don’t mind it either- so we utilize our Sodastream quite often. Cameron took an empty bottle from the table one day, and next thing I know he’s over at the machine pretending he’s making some. He even takes pretend sips….such an imitator!


Chocolate Theif
Matt brought home chocolate covered pretzel sticks from a meeting one evening, and set them on the table then came up to see Cam and me. At some point Cameron headed back downstairs because Disney was on. By the time we got downstairs he was standing in the living room and had already polished off one of the pretzels with only crumbs remaining….little sneak! I guess he was hungry!


Mowing Along
This lawn mower is super loud (thanks G&G Reis), and since the grass in the yard was too wet, we took to the sidewalks. Cameron had a blast pushing it along!


Office Worker
This month we spent some extra hours at Matt’s office, so while Matt and I were handling things, Cameron got to pretend he was an employee. Most of the time he was running about or playing with toys we brought, but when he got restless we set him up at a computer with a snack, a drink, and an episode of Little Einsteins. Hard day at the office.


Have a Drink
Remember the home brewed beer I mentioned in the March post? Well after it was bottled up we stored it in coolers in the living room…easy access and we’re seriously running out room! Well Cameron has seen on occasion Daddy get beers from there, pop them open and enjoy. So one afternoon, he decide it was time for a drink. He tried to swig one band when nothing came out he asked me to open…’open, open’. Needless to say I didn’t, but I did get him some water.


Snuggly Baby
Cameron has taken on momma’s love of snuggling up in a blanket….and when he says ‘blanket’ it is so cute.


Another way Cam is just like his momma is our shared love of chocolate. If I don’t want to share I have to make sure he isn’t around, otherwise he is all about it. In his Easter basket he got a few tasty treats that he loved enjoying.

Guest Room
Our official guest room has been closed. Family and friends are still welcome but it will just be a little more cozy. After I snapped the picture, I began packed it all up. And thanks to the fabulous Sabrina we aren’t losing the most comfortable bed as she has room to store it for us.


So what’s going on in the guest room? It’s Matt’s new office! He is a business owner!
As of April 30th Matt has taken over the operations of his company and opened his own business. It is something that we put a lot of thought and effort into since January, and while it’s a relief that everything happened as planned,now the real work begins. Up first was taking everything from Matt’s large office, condensing it down, and then moving it to our house or to storage at Sabrina’s. We have hopes of transitioning to a larger living space by the end of the year, but one big change at a time. Below is a picture of my first load to the Uhaul….it was a long day of lifting. Now the organizing at home and growing the business begins!


Bump on the Head
Little boys are rambunctious, and Cam is no different. After his bath he enjoys running around naked (perfectly normal) trying to avoid getting caught and having to put on his pajamas. While sprinting away he managed to run into the bathroom door pretty hard. Immediately he was wailing. Daddy ran off to get some frozen peas and I tried to calm him while also getting him dressed for bed. He got plenty of snuggling and ended up with a small bruise on his forehead.


Boys will be boys! We’re off on more adventures in the sand with a post to come…

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March 2014

Dance, Dance, Dance….Night, Night
One of my things is to get Cam to dance around with me, which means most of the time I’m dancing like a fool. Along the way we developed a little dance. I sing, ‘Dance, dance, dance….dance, dance, dance….dance around. Night, night!’ All while Cam spins around dancing then promptly stops and lays down for night night, then we just repeat until he’s off doing something else.

Little Shopper
This month Matt was taking an all day class on Saturdays, so Cam and I found way to keep busy. I knew Trader Joe’s had kid carts, which Cam would love to push around. We went early in the morning so avoid having to dodge crowds with Cam pushing. He had a blast! We had to make two trips around because he was pushing so fast I barely had time to grab items for our list before he was dashing off.


Beer Maker
Matt has been hoping to make beer for the longest time, and he finally got to it. We had already purchased most of the supplies for two different batches, and this month he was at to bottle them up. We have lots of beer in the making….


Red Boots
Cameron loves his red boots! He especially loves the sound they make on the wood floors. He will either bring them to us to put or figures it out himself. Luckily they’re big enough that he can easily get them on and they should fit him for a little while as well. And sometimes he uses them to hold his drink….


Cousins Visit
During on our Saturday hangouts Cam and I got to see Brionna and Caden on their way to Canada’s indoor water park. They stayed to play for a little bit and have lunch before they headed out for fun.


First Easter Basket
Cameron is loved by many people, and one of my thoughtful coworkers (Debbie) picked up a little Easter basket for him with little treats…even though Easter is a few weeks away.


Green Shakes
Cameron has a new love for green smoothies made with fruit and kale or spinach. I freeze packets fruit and spinach together, then just dump them in the Vitamix and add water. He also loves that he get to drink out of a cup with a straw, though he still thinks he needs to tip it upside down.


Hide and Seek
One night during the bath I accidentally dropped the towel in the tub. At the end of Cam’s bath he was trying to hide from me so he didn’t have to get out….


ENT Checkup
Cameron is usually pretty good about going to the doctors and letting them do their thing, but I’ve definitely noticed some doctors are much better than others when attending to the little ones. Lately the hardest part is getting Cam out of the waiting room because he loves this toy so much.


Put Your Feet Up
Mommy and Daddy have foot stools in front of our ‘spots’ on the couch. Cam loves to imitate us and one day while shopping he found the perfect opportunity. He climbed right in and put up his feet, and asking for a book.


We had plenty of snow in Buffalo this winter and Cam loved going out in his boots. One day we both made some tracks….time will fly by and one day his feet will be bigger than mine!


Crawl Up and Sleep
Cameron usually only falls asleep in his crib, in his carseat, or when he’s really tired he’ll sleep with his head on our shoulder. This time however he was so tired he climbed up on the couch, put his head on my lap and passed out.


Chilling on the Floor
This time he wasn’t sleeping, but he did randomly lay down and stare at the ceiling.


No Birthday
Cameron got ahold of my planner and ripped out a page…I guess he doesn’t want to get any older. I agree that he should stay young and adorable a little longer.


Money in the Bank
Cameron found some change and promptly tried to eat it, so it was time to teach him about ‘piggy’ banks- in our case it is a buffalo. He loves putting coins in, and when he runs out I just take some out when he isn’t looking and he gets excited again.


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February 2014

I hope you’re not overwhelmed by my posting 3 months of our story all in two days. I know some people have been checking and waiting for the next edition- so be sure to make sure you caught up on December and January too! I was sure to include lots of photos since Cameron is growing so quickly!

New this month…
-Our little guy insists on walking down the stairs with the help of a hand to hold. Generally he does pretty well, and there’s always a hand to catch him.
-We’ve transitioned away from bottles completely during this month, and working on adding a breakfast before daycare and no specific night-time milk before bed.
-Requesting a fork for eating more often. He still mastering how to use it, but he is getting there.

Tub Time
Cameron has been loving bath time for a while now, and he especially loves playing with the water as it comes out of the faucet. He lets it run through his hands or catches in a cup to pour on his belly. He also has been watching me, so now he knows how to turn the water on and pull the plug that let’s the water out. We are sure to see an increase in our water bill since we now have two of us that love baths/showers.


So Big!
Obviously there are pretty good odds that Cameron is going to be tall, if he takes after us at least. Since we are around him everyday we don’t always notice how much he has grown, well until he starts reaching and obtaining things he previously couldn’t. For example he been able to get his hands on the following: the computer mouse on the desk, scissors on the table, food on the counter, our books on the third shelf, and knife on the counter. (Don’t worry about the knife or scissors, we were right there and he was only interested in them because we were using them. We’ve also made a point to put toward the back of the counter to avoid problems.)

He most frequently goes for the third shelf that has our books. He’ll bring me the Thesaurus, dictionary, or another random book so I’ll read him a few lines or make up a story for him. He usually moves on pretty quickly because they don’t have pictures in them.


The nice thing is that Cameron is very independent, and easily entertains himself with his toys. As we watch him it often seems like he has specific tasks and knows what he had ‘to do’. While we do allow him TV, sometimes he’ll get bored and go off to play with toys. He does bring his toys and books to us, and we do get down to play with him….then other times he just lays on the floor to doodle.


Passed Out
All the playing makes this little boy tired. He does have a pretty standard two hour nap from about 11 until 1. Then somedays if we are out in the car later in the evening, he will pass out because he played so hard that day. Most of the time he will wake up when we get home, but other times we just lay him on the couch to wake up when he’s ready…clothes and all.


Hold my Hand
One day Cam and I were just hanging at the house and he climbed up on the couch next to me. He leaned on next to me and insisted on holding my hand- and if I took it away he grabbed it back. It’s little moments like these that I want to remember forever….


Reis Brewery
It’s been in the works forever, but finally Matt had all the supplies together to brew his own beer. And one Saturday it finally happened….and then again the following weekend too. So if you’re keeping count that’s 10 gallons of beer made in the month of February…March is going to have lots of bottling and drinking!


Obviously we have plenty of snow here still, so one day after work I took Cam outside to see if he’d walk in it. At first he just smiled and then tried to follow me, but he’s tumbled and got his gloves covered in snow. At first he gave me a look of shock and confusion….then the biggest grin!


Making Milk
Yeah just when I had thought if never have to worry about the amount of milk available for Cameron, we decided to test out making almond milk at home. I already owned a Vitamix and the milk bag, so there was nothing to lose. Turns out the process is generally easy and Cameron has no problems drinking it. The ‘hardest’ part is making sure that I start soaking the almonds 12-24 hours before we run out of milk. Also we’ve been turning the almond pulp into flour, so it’s doing double duty!


It started with climbing up on the couch and the footstools, then he figured out he can pull the chairs out from the table. With a little effort he can then hoist himself up and gain access to the wipes that we keep available post-dining cleanup. Pulling wipes from container gives him much joy, though not so much for mommy.


These Boots…
Grandma Reis brought these red cowboy boots for Cameron during their visit in February, he took right to them. They are currently too big for him, but he doesn’t let that stop him. I think he finds the noise they make to be the best.


Dance-Dance-Dance-Night, Night
I’ve been teaching Cameron to ‘dance’, which well if you’ve seen my moves you know involve no real skill. At this point he mostly spins in a circle with a giant grin in his face, and we’re working on getting him to move his arms. Along the way we created a little song that goes, ‘dance, dance, dance….dance, dance, dance….dance around….night, night!’ So he’ll spin around for a bit then drops to the floor to put his head down as if to go night night….then we repeat until he gets too dizzy or gets distracted. There is a great little video of this that I will need to put on Facebook since I can’t post it here.

No Rest for the Weary
We’ve been going through a bit of a sleep transition this month that includes random night of waking up around 4am. We let him try to work it out and then if he doesn’t we go in to see what’s up. Typically the minute we pick him up he puts his head on our shoulder to snuggle, but no matter how long you hold him the minute you try to put him down he’s back up. Luckily this is not every night, and seems to coincide with the times he has a cold or runny nose.


No Heat
One afternoon I noticed the heated was making an unusual noise and had a ‘burning’ smell. I immediately turned it off until Matt got home. Later that evening he determined that our fan motor had likely burned out, so no hot air was traveling upstairs. Since it was late at night and we didn’t want to pay extra fees, we waited until the morning to call for service. Thanks to a space heater in Cam’s room and a heated blanket we made it through the night fine, and in the morning awoke to this…

We moved the space heater to our bedroom, grabbed extra blankets, and doubled up on clothing. We watched TV, played, and ate meals in our room. Luckily the heat was back in working condition shortly after noon….and it did take a little bit of time to get back to 65- but boy was it nice to have heat back!


And just when we thought we might be getting into spring soon, today we are experiencing a thunder-blizzard…thankfully we are warm and inside the house.

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January 2014

A new year with many new adventures ahead of us! It has only been 31 days and we already appear to be in for a year full challenges to conquer together. (Nothing like elusive statements right???) Seriously we are still very happily married and Cameron remains an only child.

• Puzzle Master. Seriously, he has amazed us with his ability to figure it out.
• ABC and 1-2-3…though he doesn’t have them down yet, he definitely knows some of them out of order.
• He has taken a real interest in his books. He will select them from his shelves and bring them to us to read to him. His favorites include musical ABCs, where is baby’s pumpkin, and his choo-choo book.

Signs of a Good Day
So let’s be honest…if you have kids and a clean house you’re impressive! We however figure that it has been a good day when all the toys have migrated from the designated Cameron zone across the house. Yes, it makes a mess but it means that Cameron was busy playing and keeping busy. It really isn’t too bad to corral everything back to his zone at the end of a day and we are working on his cleaning skills too.


Speaking of cleaning, Cameron loves his pint-sized swiffer and the vacuum. We just add the brush attachment to the hand-vac and it is perfect for him to push around. He isn’t bothered by the sound at all, and he actually gets upset if he can’t help when I’m cleaning.


I am so happy we decided to get Cameron puzzles for Christmas, especially since they are the good wooden ones and I got them at a bargain price. When I first put them on the shelf, he didn’t show much interest in them. Then one day he dumped one out so we started trying to show him how to fit the pieces back in. Matt and I were amazed when he was able to do it too, and when he would just do it independently. The only thing about those puzzles is one makes animal noises and is constantly going off….even when nobody is near it.

Revert Back to Baby
I’ve been gathering and cleaning up lots of unused baby items for my cousin and his wife who is expecting a little girl in March, and this has brought on an interest from Cameron in his old things. He has been interested in playing with his play center, sitting in his infant car seat, and even lounging in his old bath seat.

Sorry kid….everything is headed for a new home.

Crossfit at Home
When the roads are terrible or the when the temperature plummet, we’ve had to do some of our workouts at home. We usually find something we can do inside with our bodyweight and our kettle bell, and sometimes we get the added bonus of the 30 pound toddler to add into the mix. When we do sit-ups we immediately have our little man running over to join in. Daddy held him on his shoulders during squats or Cam will just join in with his own squats. He’ll also happily chase us around the furniture too.

We love that he has so much fun with this and hope if we continue to set a healthy example that it will rub off on him…

We’ve got the snow pants, the snow boots, and even the sled from last year. So when the temperatures finally got above freezing I decided to take Cameron out for a ride. He absolutely loved being pulled around in the sled! We started in the back yard, and then headed down the sidewalk for a bit. It was quite a bit of work for mommy as well, and when I decided to call it quits he was not a happy camper.


Big Boy Breakfast
It is no secret that Cameron loves to eat, and usually when we go out he just gets part of each of our meals. Lately however I noticed I spent most of the meal cutting up my food and handing it over….only to be left with a few bites myself. So I decided one morning at breakfast to try him with a kids meal. It ended up being a success because I was able to cut up the food on his plate real quick when it got to the table, then I could enjoy my meal along with everyone else. Cameron still finished his food before everyone, but it made eating out a bit more enjoyable for all.


Each time we walk down the stairs we count as he takes step and we are always singing our ABC’s….and it’s catching on! He can’t repeat them in order, but he’ll sing the ABC tune with various sounds and he’ll say numbers out of order. He also is always bringing the musical ABC book over to us to read to him.

Sleep at the Table
On the flipside of eating all his food, he has fallen asleep while eating. One night I put him in his chair to eat dinner while I finished some stuff in the kitchen. When I went to check on him, I found him nodding off. Not only was he asleep, he also was rubbing his head with his hand that was covered in ketchup. I took a moment to take a video and then it was off to the bathtub….it was a much bigger mess than any wipe or washcloth could handle.

Brush Your Teeth
With a mouth full of teeth it is a good thing Cameron loves the toothbrush. He has his little toothbrush that I help him use, but he also thinks it is quite fun to chew on a toothbrush as well. Hopefully its is all part of good dental health. We are going to try to see how he reacts at the dentist the next time one of us goes to the dentist, but at this point I’m not thinking he’s going to let anyone check out his teeth.


Train Obsessed
Cameron received some Thomas the Train items for Christmas, and has become obsessed with choo-choos! He already owned some of the wooden tracks and he has put them together, and can use his trains on these tracks as well. We recorded some episode of Thomas and Chugginton to let him watch, and he gets so excited. We also found that we can watch mini-episodes on pbskids.org, and he shrieks with excitement when they come on the screen. We are going to have to find some life-sized trains this summer for him to check out.


Marshmallow Man
Cameron has full access to my baking drawer, and he has become obsessed with the mini marshmallows. He always grabs the bag and says ‘eat’, so I figured I’d let him try them. He loved them, so occasionally I’ll give him a few to munch on for his afternoon snack. Now I think we need to start planning some s’mores around a summer campfire because he also has a love for chocolate just like mommy!


Cameron will pretty much eat just about anything. There have been a few things he rejected, but most of the time it appears to be that he’s not in the mood because the next time he will eat it. I’ve been letting him try samples at the store…today’s special was tomato soup, and he absolutely loved it. He made a mess, but that happens.


Wow! I’m on a roll, next up February!

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December 2013

This recap is long overdue, but as they say better later than never. I actually wrote my ‘outline’ of everything that happened in December a while ago, but then life just got busy so the actual words on paper never happened. Then I wrote it, but didn’t post because the daunting task of adding photos to the words makes me procrastinate a bit….so here we go!

• Masters drinking out of a straw.
• Proficient climber on the way upstairs and able to walk down with a hand to hold.
• First experience with cold, since last winter wasn’t too bad and he was nestled into his warm car seat with cover every time we took him out.
• Learns to unwrap presents with a great joy for tearing it up.
• Words, words, and more words…I honestly couldn’t tell you specifically what is new this month, but he is definitely learning more and trying to repeat things as we say them. Though ‘no’ is starting to make a regular appearance, though he doesn’t always use it in context.

• German themed Christmas Celebration (hopefully the 1st annual…)
• First visit to see Santa Claus

Winter Wonderland
Buffalo winters tend to be cold and snowy, and this year it started up right in December. We had our winter gear ready thanks to Grandma & Grandpa Reis…and lucky for us Cameron doesn’t mind wearing his hat and gloves. He will occasionally try to take his hat off, but for the most part he’ll leave it be.


Laundry Fun
Most parents say they do a ton of laundry, but so far I don’t find it too terrible. It’s especially fun when folding laundry because Cameron thinks its fun to pull all the clothes out and claim the basket as his own. Not only did he climb in once, but he climbed out added some toys then got back in.


Tree in the House
This year we decided to get a real Christmas tree for the holiday. We went to pick one out on a mild day so Cameron could join in the fun, but sadly he fell asleep on the way so we just left him to sleep while we picked the tree. After walking around and “petting” the trees we found that right kind for us because it was soft to the touch, then it was a matter of spinning a bunch around until we found one we thought was full and looked good. When we got it home Cameron was interested in watching daddy set it up, but he never tried to touch it. We only decorated with our shatterproof ornaments this year, and Cam only touch the tree once that I remember. So next year we will do it again.

Taste Tester
December also means cookie baking for the holidays around the Reis house. While daddy was away on business trips, mommy was busy at home getting ready for our holiday party by baking lots of cookies. We went with a mix of traditional German and a few Paleo cookies to bring a little “health” into the celebration. Cameron was my taste tester, happily sitting in his seat enjoying himself and his cookies. He should know how to say ‘cookie’ in no time.

Christmas Party
At the beginning of December we threw a Christmas party for our friends to celebrate the holidays and to have some fun. It was also the same weekend that Grandma & Grandpa Reis were in for a visit too. We themed the party around German Christmas with bratwurst, sauerkraut, homemade pretzels, spaetzle, cheese platter, apple strudel, and other tasty treats. We also had a hot chocolate bar, beer, and wine plus we rounded it out with a take-out cookie bar complete with boxes to be filled. It was a great party; sadly we were having such a good time no photos were taken…

Man in the Big Red Suit
Cameron didn’t meet Santa during his first Christmas in 2012 because we felt like he was just too little, but this year we decided to give it a shot. Grandma & Grandpa Reis were in town so we made it a little adventure together, knowing that he may not cooperate especially if we had to wait forever. Luckily the line wasn’t terrible and he was able to do some walking around while we wait. When it came time for the sitting on the big man’s lap, he really had no issues. He looked at Santa, then back at us. As soon as he heard the camera flash go off, he was happy as can be. We had trouble picking just one shot…


Office Chair = Fun
While daddy was away on business, mommy and Cam had to go into his office to help reset the router and send an email out. While there we had some fun spinning around in his office chair. I think Cam is going to love those spinning amusement rides some day, but I’m just afraid my stomach can no longer handle them…hopefully daddy can!


Big Boy Truck
While out shopping I saw a Little Tikes truck that I knew Cam would love….so I let him play for a bit. He couldn’t quite figure out how to get it to move, but he loved sitting in it and it had a convenient handle so I could push it for him. It is way too big for our house or even our yard once the snow melts….so I guess we’ll just go to the store for play time!


Holiday Fashions
Cameron is seriously a well dressed kid…and we are so blessed that most things are received as gifts. From football hats, candy cane ties, Christmas spenders…and then his everyday adorableness of course.


Christmas Card
Matt and I started doing ‘official’ Christmas cards about 5 years ago…around the time we got engaged I think. Usually Matt handles everything related to them because he has the Photoshop skills in our relationship (I handle Excel), but this year he was on business trips and crazy at work so momma had to figure it out. With the help of a few YouTube tutorials and lots of trial-n-error, I was successfully able to create a card that summarized a great year. It only took about 8 hours….


Snow Shoveling
I think I already mentioned daddy was out of town, but did I mention he was in the warm southern weather. Meanwhile back in Buffalo we were getting our first significant snow storm of the year. Yes, that means I had to find a way to shovel the driveway all by myself. We do have a snow blower, and even if I knew how to use it, I don’t think it would have been useful because the driveway was full of cars to get around. Either way I managed to do it…even snapping pictures to share with Matt who was sweating it out in Florida.


Bath Time
This one thing Cameron has grown to love! All I have to say is, ‘It’s bath time!’, and he gets excited and heads to the gate at the bottom of the stairs. The hardest part for him is waiting for mommy to get him undressed for the bath…he just wants to jump right in. Once in the tub he plays with his various toys, boat, and the bubbles. He one day I watched him spend a few minutes dunking he face into the bubbles….he even managed to create a little bubble beard.


Short Straw
Cameron has finally mastered drinking out of straw. His preferred drink of choice is actually green juice. It’s a tasty blend of spinach and fruit, and while that may not sound yummy to everyone I promise it is good if you can get passed the green color. I actually was lucky to get a taste myself since he was trying to drink it all on me…so we took turns taking sips.


I Can’t Hear You
One night while we were out to dinner, Cameron learned a new trick with his ears about noise control. It was a little loud in the restaurant, and somehow he figure out he could reduce the noise by “folding” his ears to reduce the sounds. He it was funny to watch him do it repetitively and also talking while he did because it made him sound funny too. We love watching him discover new things. If you’re friends with Matt on Facebook you already saw the video, if not then all I have is a photo…


Christmas Eve
For Christmas Eve we started the day like most days with Cameron heading to daycare (since it was open and we were paying), then Mom and Dad headed to the gym for our first ever Crossfit class together. We did our workout and enjoyed breakfast together during an unusual mid-week day off with Cameron in school. After we packed up for our holiday travels and picked Cam up on our way to the kids’ church services, but sadly we did not make it through the mass. While waiting for mass to start Cam got real restless, drank all the milk I brought, and ate most of the crackers as well- and he wanted to just run free. We tried a walk, but with so many people it wasn’t easy so we gave our seats to someone and headed home.

We did our own little Christmas with a few gifts that had been sent to the house for Cameron and the gift we had bought him. The first gift he got was his tool bench from Grandma & Grandpa Fillmore, which was an instant hit with the power drill and hammer. We attempted to get him interested in other gifts, but when that didn’t work we decided to enjoy some deep dish pizza while he played. When he finally walked away from the tool bench I covered it back up with a blanket, and we were able to focus his attention on his other gifts including a tie-dye shirt, books, winter, boots, hammer toys, and puzzles. He wanted to be in his shirt and boots after he opened them…


Christmas Travel
We traveled on Christmas morning to Syracuse to begin the trip to see family for the holidays. At my sister’s house we were able to visit with family for the day and Cameron had lots of fun playing with his cousins’ toys, plus he also had more gifts to open as well.

The following day we took Great Grandma Smith out to breakfast before heading toward Matt’s family with a stop to see Grandma and Grandpa Smith along the way. It’s hard to see everyone in such a short amount of time, but luckily everyone understands we are doing our best.

Once in Kingston we enjoyed a nice little night at the local brewery with Matt’s dad and brother while Cameron played with Grandma Reis, it was a nice break and we learned you can mix certain beers together to create new tastes- which I didn’t know was ever done.

While in Kingston we had lots of fun including going skiing, enjoying a great Paleo meal at Grandma Langton’s, and a holiday party with out of town family at Grandma and Grandpa Reis’ house. We had a great time and Cam had a lot fun too. We headed back on Sunday evening because we both had to work Monday….

New Years Eve
Normally we have some type of plans for the evening with a low-key part with friends, but this year we ended up having nothing. So instead we had a family night at home with homemade treats and drinks…but I’m pretty sure we were in bed just after midnight. Cameron did stay up late too because he had an afternoon nap…but he was asleep shortly after 11pm.


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November 2013

This month was a low key month filled with the regular activities of work, daycare, gym time, and time hanging at home. During these times Cameron learns everyday things without us even realizing it sometimes.


Milestone for November
(Most of these milestones involve eating this month. A talent he has mastered, but now to learn utensils.)

•When you ask Cam if he wants to eat, he immediately repeats ‘eat?’ Then promptly runs to his seat at the table and keeps saying ‘eat’ until he has a plate of food. (He even fell asleep while eating one night.)


•Cameron now uses the sign for ‘more’ and ‘please’ while eating. His daycare teachers have the kids learn the signs to allow them a way to communicate before they talk. Cam typically can say the words but we also try to make sure he signs it as well.

•Another interesting habit he developed while eating is putting a ‘napkin’ in his lap. I had started putting a cloth on his lap a few weeks ago, and then one day he just started doing it himself while I put on his bib.

•Cameron loves walking down the stairs like a big boy. He can go down on his knees, but prefers to go down with someone holding his hand so he can take big steps.

•Cameron loves the jump rope and the barbell. Matt and I have to take turns at the gym so at least once a week he comes and sees me working out. He’s mesmerized by the jump rope and always runs to the loaded barbells. He even tries to participate, though he can’t just yet. He does have a really great squat form that I hope he never loses because it’s so hard to learn later in life!


Thanksgiving Travel
Though this month was low key, we did cram a little adventure in at the end to begin celebrating the holidays.

This year for Thanksgiving we made our way to Florida to celebrate with Grandma Langton’s side of the family. We were able to escape the beginning of winter snow, and while it definitely wasn’t hot it was better than Buffalo in November.

We had quite an adventure getting there on Tuesday with flight delays, long waits, and Cameron with a fever. Despite all that Cameron was perfectly behaved. While we waited at the airport for our first flight to leave Buffalo Cameron did lots of running and walking, so by the time we boarded our flight he was tired and easily fell asleep. When we landed in Charlotte for our connection we found we were yet again delayed, but since it was 11pm by this point Cam just snuggled up in a half sleep/half awake mode.

We finally landed in Florida and then arrived at Uncle Gary’s by around 4am. We all headed to bed….sleeping and napping until we all caught up on much needed rest throughout the day.

Cam had plush accommodation in cousin Grace’s closet, which sounds funny but it’s a nice dark room and he sleeps best that way. We were right outside so we could hear him when he woke up.

Cameron easily warmed up to everyone, and even had quite a bit of fun showing his belly to everyone. He spent time making laps around the kitchen, watching the fish swim, and checking out toys in the play room.


On Thanksgiving day Cameron got to see Great Grandma & Grandpa Langton again…and he even got to go for a ride with Great Grandma. He definitely enjoyed it and even took a lap around pushing it after he got off.


The scariest part was after dinner when we actually managed to ‘lose’ Cameron. It was the situation where each parent thought the other was watching him. When I heard a cry I went to ask Matt if Cam needed anything, and his response was ‘I thought you had him.’ Then the search began and the dread set in because it is a large house with a pool that can be easily accessed.

However I did hear a cry from him, so I knew he had to be somewhere. Everyone spread out checking all the bedrooms and bathrooms. He was found by daddy in an upstairs bedroom where he had shut the door and then went in the bathroom shutting that door too. We figure he must have gone up the back stairs, maybe played in the toy area, then made it across the catwalk to the bedroom he was in. He must have been pretty quiet too because nobody heard him until I heard that cry that brought on the search of the house. Crazy scary moment for this momma!

The rest of the weekend went well with more family time. It was too cold for swimming, but Cameron took a walk with Grandma. Other than that we just relaxed the rest of the weekend.

On Saturday afternoon evening we headed back to cold, snowy Buffalo. No flight delays and smooth flying. Cameron was a bit more active this flight, but no crazy crying and mostly just restless jumping from lap to lap until finally he fell asleep at the end of the flight.


It was a great little break and great to see family that we hadn’t seen since Cam was a little 9 week old baby!

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